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Sure to importune is to beg but use it only when youre talking about going beyond mere begging into more urgent territory. If someone importunes another person they ask them for something or ask them to do.

Importune Word Of The Day Vocabulary Vocab

To importune means to ask for something over and over.

L'importune. Women take advantage of her economically and men importune her. To demand and. Appeal to beg beseech besiege conjure entreat impetrate implore.

The last is the result of a synonym of importune importunate. 28 synonyms for importune. Importune synonyms importune pronunciation importune translation English dictionary definition of importune.

Importune definition to press or beset with solicitations. Demand with urgency or persistence. This answers first letter of which starts with B and can be found at the.

Importune in a sentence. Synonyms for importune in Free Thesaurus. To bother trouble irritate.

The girl is charged with loitering in a public place with intent to. To approach to offer ones services as a prostitute or. Hillary had summoned her Harold while Eleanor was importuned by hers.

Crosley finally became something of a bother with his constant importuning for money. I importune the Supreme Council for a post a crust of bread a home. To make repeated forceful requests for something usually in a way that is annoying or causing.

Importuned importuning importunes v. Beg implore. We found 3 answers for Importune.

This crossword clue was last seen on December 10 2021 in the popular New York Times Crossword puzzle. That may importune the administration to act but if they dont theres a strong move in Congress to do so. At last seeing my unconquerable repugnance.

Besiege harass as with questions or requests Type of. Approach someone to request or offer sexual services especially as a prostitute. Present participle of importune 2.

This page shows answers to the clue Importune followed by 3 definitions like To import. We found these possible solutions for. Importune ĭmpôr-toon -tyoon ĭm-pôrchən v.

I importune you to help them. To ask for something urgently or. English How to use importune in a sentence.

Above all I do not wish to importune or compromise you. I intend to converse and argue and importune and insist and nag and nag. Meaning pronunciation translations and examples.

To make repeated forceful requests for something usually in. Women take advantage of her economically and men importune her. To signify To require.

Importuned importuning importunes vtr. Importune describes requests that are urgent and often. Video shows what importune means.

A dozen reporters importuned every passing ambassador to speak to them Felicity Barringer. The crossword clue possible answer is available in 3 letters. Beg beseech entreat implore plead with appeal to apply to call on supplicate solicit petition enjoin.

This crossword clue Importune was discovered last seen in the December 10 2021 at the New York Times Crossword. The haunting yet urgently importuning nature of the music matches and magnifies the meaning. Todays word has both two active and one passive adjectives importunous or importunate and importunable respectively.

Everything has it s destiny we cannot importune. To harass with persistent requests. I remember an answer which when quite young I was prompted to make to a valued adviser who was wont to importune me with the dear old doctrines of the church.

The nouns marking the quality of being importune still in use are importunity importunement and importunateness. Pester press plague hound harass besiege badger beset solicit. He remembers being importuned by a caller from Mexico City.

The solution we have for Importune has a total of 3 letters. To make an earnest request of someone especially insistently or repeatedly. He was fined 75 in 1984 for importuning men for an immoral purpose.

Verb to press or urge with troublesome persistence. 1 v beg persistently and urgently I importune you to help them Synonyms. To request or beg for urgently.

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